Tummy tuck cost in Asia

Tummy tuck cost in Asia

There are a lot of developing countries in Asia who are now excelling in the medical field. More and more state-of-the-art medical facilities are emerging with highly skillful doctors and medical staff. Furthermore, these Asian hospitals and doctors offer surgical procedures half the price compared to getting it back home. Thus, more and more people are travelling to Asia to get surgical procedures done on them, especially cosmetic surgeries. And tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is one of the most common procedures foreigners undergo when travelling to Asia for surgery.

The cost for tummy tuck highly depends on where it is going to be performed. Having the procedure done in Asian countries can allow a patient to save almost have the cost compared to getting it back home. For instance, the abdominoplasty surgery cost in Thailand is estimated at $3, 700. In India, the estimated cost for abdominoplasty is only $3, 000. In South Korea, the estimated cost for the cosmetic procedure is $3, 500. While in the Philippines, the estimated cost is only $2, 900.

Even though these prices are very appealing to a potential tummy tuck patient, one should still take necessary steps to ensure that they are still getting healthcare of top quality in a reasonable price. For instance, it is best to research online for different healthcare facilities and doctors that offer their services. Check to see if they have the necessary certifications from medical boards in their respective countries. Check for testimonials from former patients about their quality of service. If you are unsure, you can check with the consulate more information about these hospital facilities.

Furthermore, it is best to compute the total cost of travelling to another country to undergo the surgery and include expenses such as transportation and accommodation. Travelling to another country for a surgical procedure can save a lot of money but it requires extensive research to ensure success.



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