Safe Weight Loss Shakes  A Healthy Weight Loss Program

Safe Weight Loss Shakes A Healthy Weight Loss Program

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Protein Shakes : Will It Help Weight Loss?

Pre-made protein shakes are believed by many people to be able to enhance their performance and a good weight loss supplement. It is also said that protein is the building block in muscle development and it also makes you feel full thus making you eating less. A recommended amount of protein shakes intake daily is 1 shake between each meal but never drink protein shake more than half of the number your meals. Let us say you take 5 meals, then 2 meals are protein shakes and the remaining 3 meals are real meals. An average adult require about 45 to 55 grams of protein daily depending on the person’s body weight and overall health.

1 fresh apricot diced¼ cup fresh pineapple crushes½ fresh bananas 6 fresh strawberries1 tbsp skimmed milk powder1 ½ cup water

In a blender/food processor, blend ingredients until well mixed and serve.

1 fresh orange squeeze for juice (approximately ½ cup)½ fresh bananas 6 fresh strawberries1 tbsp skimmed milk powder

In a blender/food processor, blend ingredients until well mixed and serve.

The free protein shakes recipes above are homemade protein shakes and are considered healthy. You can also change the fruit in the recipe to make your own protein shake recipe. They are also protein shakes that you are able to buy from your local store. Pre-made protein shakes normally come in the form of powder. The protein shake powder is mixed/blended with water, milk, juice or any fruits then consumed. The pre-made protein shakes come in many flavors and also unflavored. Protein form pre-made protein shakes come from soy (from soybeans), dairy (milk or cheese) or egg base.

The manufacturers of these protein shakes claimed that their products are able to decrease body fat and make you lose weight. However, do take not that none of these claims are proven true. If you do not take excessive protein shake, it will not harm you and neither will it make you lose weight.

Since protein contains calories, you will find it harder to lose weight when you take too much protein shakes unless if you burn more calories than the amount of calories you take. To produce weight loss you must control your calorie intake and burn more calories by doing cardio and weight training activities. By consuming more protein does not make extra muscle. As a matter of fact, the extra protein that your body does not need will be stored as fat.

1 gram protein equals to 4 calories. As such consuming 100 grams of protein shake daily equals to filling you body with 400 calories daily. So it is very important how much protein or protein shake you consume daily. Make sure you burn off all the extra calories. Be sure to calculate how much protein shake you drink daily and calculate how much calories you burn daily.

It is recommended that you get your protein mostly from real food and do not rely on pre-made protein shakes. The so-called nutrients benefit in the pre-made protein shake do not replace the benefits of real food in anyway whatsoever.

Whether protein shakes help you to lose weight or not, is dependent solely upon you. If you do not burn more calories than you eat, then chances are protein shakes are of no use and you will not lose weight.

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