Portion Control Diet: The Mystery Before Your Eyes

Portion Control Diet: The Mystery Before Your Eyes

Each and every individual can to some extent benefit from a portion control diet. Our modern day culture is full of tantalizing culinary delights, trying to tempt us no matter which way we turn.

If we choose to eat out we would feel somewhat cheated if a miniscule portion were put down in front of us, would we not?

A rather large slice of scrumptious cake looks so much more tempting than a sliver of the same said cake, does it not? Yes, we could all benefit from following a this type of diet.

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Portion Size vs. Serving Size

It is not only when eating out that we are subjected to larger portion sizes. When food shopping you will surely have noticed how many foods are now sold in supposed family sized portions? The simple fact of the matter is that we have lost sight of how big a food serving is actually meant to be. Notice how I mentioned the serving size there, as opposed to the portion size?

A serving size is the recommended portion size for that particular food, whereas a portion size is simply as small or as large as you serve it up to be. We sometimes eat a large portion on the basis that we simply do not know any better! More often than not our general mindset is now programmed to serve up larger portion sizes, and as such we could all benefit from learning about a portion control food diet.

The Easy Diet

You will have established by now that the vast majority of diets require you to make significant changes to your existing lifestyle. This in itself sometimes makes them hard to sustain on an ongoing basis, requiring so much determination, so much discipline and patience. This is not the case with regards to a portion control food diet.

A portion control diet simply breaks down those foods that you already eat into smaller portions. You can therefore still eat all those foods you would do normally. A portion control diet is most suited to those individuals who have gained weight simply because they are for all intent purposes eating too much.

If you as an individual simply like the comfort of eating, and therein lies your problem with food, you should definitely try a portion control diet in the first instance. Remember, it''s not what you eat, it''s how much yo eat.

The Easy Way

The first step to portion control, is to learn what the recommended serving size of particular foods are. You will be exceptionally pleased to note that this is a relatively easy procedure, given the fact that the recommended serving size is normally listed on food packaging. Some easy tips for you to get started straight away on a portion control diet are as follows:

  • Measure portion sizes accurately. After a while you will find that you can estimate the portion sizes without actually having to undertake the time consuming process of measuring each and every single one of them out;
  • Serve meals on smaller sized plates and dishes;
  • Dish out portion sizes separately as opposed to allowing everyone to help themselves;
  • Add fruits and vegetables to meals. This will increase the volume of what you are eating, but without the calorie content, ensuring you do not feel deprived;
  • Pay particular attention to oils and dressings, always measuring carefully. Oils and dressings as a general rule are synonymous with being high in calories;
  • Control portion sizes when eating out. You do not have to finish everything that is there in front of you; and
  • Eat when hungry and learn to stop eating when you feel satisfied or are comfortably full.

I am all in favor of any individual following a portion control food diet, on the basis that we all have a tendency to overindulge on occasions, with some of us overindulging all of the time! If you’re eating problems stem from the comfort that food gives you, a diet that helps you control your food portions may be the ideal solution for you as an individual, and can offer you a long-term solution.

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