What Is The Best way to use argan oil for hair

What Is The Best way to use argan oil for hair

It is important that one should be able to get the best product that is available in the market when it comes to your skin, hair or health. However, at the same time it is also important to know the way it should be used and the problems that it would work upon to get the benefits that you wish to achieve by using them.

Colored Hair: Best way to use argan oil for hair on colored hair is to apply it regularly on them. The color applied on the hair decreases with every wash and also makes the hair look dull. A little massage with the oil will help your hair get a nourished coating to keep them fresh and will also help in overcoming the damaged that the hair are going through.

Hair Damage: This is another problem which is very common due to our life style and the eating habits that we follow. Everyone around would know the food that they like but only a few will be able to tell the type of food that you should eat to keep your hair healthy. The solution here is to take care of the roots. The oil here needs to reach the roots and the scalp to make them go stronger. The extra support that would be provided will help in keeping the hair intact and in adding volume.

Hair Growth: It is necessary to look at the base problem along with the problems that are visible. It is important that there should be new hair growth as well. Best way to use argan oil for hair is to apply it on the scalp. As and when the dryness of the scalp will vanish it will help in opening more pores for the hair to grow. The extra vitamins that you would be providing your scalp here will help you in getting the extra heavy look that no other oil can provide.

Dry Hair: With the number of hair styles and different chemicals that we apply on our hair by the means of shampoos, conditioners or the pollution it is bound to damage our hair. This damage can be very harmful if not taken care during the initial stages and in an ongoing manner. This no greasy oil will not only help the hair look better but at the same time will also help in holding the moisture that is required.

The best way to use argan oil for hair is to use it at least two times in a week. It is always advisable to apply it half an hour before washing your hair. The point that needs to be kept in mind here is that it is to be applied not only on the hair but on the roots as well. So take it on your hand and apply it to the scalp making your hand run back n forth. The rest of the procedure is the same that you have been going for ages to wash your hair.



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