Tips On How You Can Improve Short Term Memory

Tips On How You Can Improve Short Term Memory

mental stimulation

There are many ways by which we can improve our memory; however more often than not, these ways do not expressively define which memory they actually improve, be it short-term or long-term. Whatever the case, there is little difference between the two as long as we get to retain as much of our precious memories in any way shape or form. With the improvement in our general memory, indirectly both our short and long term memories would improve as well. Without further ado, here are some steps to improve your memory or your short term memory.


Fruits and vegetables with high sugar content are great for memory improvement as they provide the glucose required by our brain to function. With increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, we inevitably would raise the glucose level in our body that would mean our brain would have sufficient glucose to function on and it improves our brain power. Other foods such as fish oil and soy are also very good for improving our memory. Fish oil consists of the omega-3 fats that enhances our memory and also gives us mental clarity.

Mental stimulation

If you want to have an active mind that is capable of superior memory retention, then the importance of mental stimulation can never be stressed enough. Out of all the nutrition and vitamins a person can consume, the one alternative that will bring the most results for a memory boost would be mental stimulation. This can come in the form of memory games, math drills or simple tasks like reading a book! Games such as mahjong and bridge all require large amounts of thinking and strategizing that stimulates the brain. In fact, by playing such games to improve memory, people unwittingly train their brain to memorize the necessary strategies required to win in future.

B vitamins have been proven to show great improvement to our memory after we consume them; however they seem to have little effect on the influencing of moods. Also, studies have shown that emotional and volitional processes of a person would change over time when they are going through folate treatment, with vitamin B12 and B6 followed up with it. In addition, people who are prescribed with vitamins have seen a significant improvement with their mental acumen.

Of course there are many other ways to improve our memory not just through these methods. However we must make sure that when we do suspect ourselves to be experiencing symptoms of amnesia or dementia, we should start to take actions to improve our memory, or it would continue to spiral out of control and the precious memories we have kept for so many years would be gone without us even knowing.