The Best 5 Components Of Physical Fitness

The Best 5 Components Of Physical Fitness

The need to balance all major components of physical fitness are important to consider when designing a health and fitness exercise program. There are 5 components of physical fitness that really need to be focused on when building a fitness plan. Not considering these particular components will yield a fitness regimen that is not considered complete. Therefore, when designing your fitness workout, it is highly recommended to concentrate on physical improvement for each of the fitness components listed below.

Listed here are my five major components of physical fitness. Cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and body composition. When designing a fitness program consider all 5 components of physical fitness. By considering each of these components you will most likely have a more complete, and effective workout.

Below is a list of the five fitness components along with several other important physical fitness components to keep in mind.

Let’s discuss muscle strength first. Strength is the component of physical fitness which determines the exact extent in which the muscles and body can exert force while being resisted. Power is the way we exert maximum amounts of energy in quick movements like making a fast running start. Agility is how well a person can perform a lot of power movements in succession although in opposite directions. Football players, and tennis pro’s show great agility in their respective sports. Balance records how well a person can control their position while they are either moving or stationary. Flexibility is the way we can move our bodies in certain ways without impediment by stiff muscles or even body fat. Body composition is how the amount of fat and lean muscle in the body is determined. A person’s body weight may not be indicative of how fit they really are so it is important to measure the percentage of body fat a particular person has.

The next physical fitness component measures the endurance levels of various things. Local muscle endurance is the ability of a particular isolated muscle to perform repeated actions requiring energy or force. Cardiovascular endurance judges how well a person’s heart can deliver blood, and oxygen to the muscles in the body as well as the ability to utilize it. Strength endurance is the muscle’s ability to effectively perform an action using maximum power over a sustained period of time. Co-ordination is the ability to effectively combine other components of physical fitness to perform tasks.

If you keep in mind each of these components of fitness you can be assured of designing the most complete exercise program. That is, in accordance to your goals, and medical history. It is always important to consider your goals, and medical history prior to designing any fitness program. Always match your goals, and medical history with the major components of physical fitness.

Considering the five components of physical fitness are very important.

All of the components of physical fitness are important in their own unique manner. Please note that cardiovascular and cardio respiratory endurance are extremely important because it is the areas that most affect how well the other components perform. The bodies ability to distribute oxygen through the blood becomes the fuel supply to the muscles, enabling them to work.

Exercise activities that keep the heart rate high for a sustained period of time such as walking, biking, jogging, or swimming can improve cardiovascular endurance. Cardiovascular exercise does not have to be overly aggressive; rather it is more effective to be built up progressively to a faster pace over time. This can help to build up muscular strength, and endurance especially when combined with weight lifting. The greater muscle endurance improves, the longer they can be exerted with fatigue. Finally, flexibility is related to the range in which a joint can move; generally the greater the flexibility, the less chance of muscle injuries occurring.

Since it is important to consider the main components of fitness while designing your workout program you can refer to powerful results producing physical fitness articles. Discovering the most effective way to design a fitness program with consideration of the 5 components of physical fitness can be very beneficial. So the next time you think about your fitness workout consider improving these physical fitness components.

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