COPIOUS HEALTH: Practitioner Listing

COPIOUS HEALTH: Practitioner Listing

Waiora Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) Drops

4th Year Osteopathic Student (Manual Practice)

Offices in Seattle, WA and Woodinville, WA

If you wish to improve the status of your life in any category

(relationships, job, abundance and more), it serves you to start examining,

and then shifting, the content of your thoughts. Learn techniques for

shifting thought processes and thereby dramatically shift your life. Utilize

the very powerful healing techniques that Dr. Vizzard and his partner, Lill

Abrahamsen Vizzard, L.M.T. apply in their Vibrational Psychology practice.

Their work penetrates deep into the cellular structure, releasing blocks,

negative thought forms and much more, thereby promoting healing at all

levels (especially emotional and physical), as well as facilitating shifts

in thought processes that lead to profound change in all aspects of life.

After spending more than 15 years in sales, covering areas from

the Pacific Northwest to New York, Michelle made a change to pursue

her life''s dream in helping people and became a firefighter/emergency

medical technician. But fine tuning her passion took another step:

Michelle shifted from wanting to help people in emergency environments,

to helping people avoid those medical emergencies. She is now doing

this through helping others focus on a healthier life style. This took

its form as a life coach and Biofeedback practioner. As a Certified

Biofeedback Therapist (CBT), Michelle works with people of every age

range to identify the cause of the stress/illness in order to help the

body heal itself. "With the awareness of what is taking you out of

balance and understanding the cause...versus treating the symptom...

you will be able to actively take charge of your own wellness. I look

forward to helping you reclaim your health and vitality."Michelle

conducts lectures, seminars, and workshops on the effects of stress and

how to live a balanced life that is disease and stress free.

As a multi-sport athlete in High School I wanted to learn how to

consistently be a top performer so I began my exploration into human

performance and heath. I first became acquainted with Chiropractic

Sports Medicine when I witnessed fellow athletes on my college

track team recover miraculously from their injuries. Learning that

Chiropractic Education included nutrition, neurology, orthopedics,

physical therapy, manual therapies, and many other topics that I

had passion for, I enrolled at Palmer-West Chiropractic College in

Sunnyvale, California in 1985. After graduating with a Doctorate of

Chiropractic in 1988, I began my Chiropractic practice. I have spent 17

years studying a multitude of disciplines and techniques to understand,

integrate, and improve human performance and health. These include

nutrition, sports medicine, sports training, pediatrics, neurology,

physical therapy, massage therapy, manual medicine, energetic medicine,

quantum physics, stress management, women''s health issues, sports

psychology and many other topics. I have found there is an integrated

relationship to biochemistry - what we eat, biomechanical - how we move,

and mental - how we think or feel, that influence our well being and

health. I have had the pleasure of helping patients find ways to reduce

stress, manage pain and improve function from disabling diseases like

arthritis. It has also been my pleasure to work with elite athletes

competing for the Olympics. My intention and hopes for you and my

patients is to provide you with tools to take care of your health.

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