About Dr. Burrows

About Dr. Burrows

Dr. W. L. Burrows has a degree as a doctor of chiropractic, a bachelor of science degree in anatomy, and is certified in acupuncture. He has been in practice for 12 years in Weatherford, Texas, and has been practicing this technique for 10 years due to the success he has seen.

Dr. Burrows is the original pioneer of this procedure in Texas and has inserted over 20,000 staples with truly incredible results. We, most likely, know more about this method than anyone on the planet. We have compiled the most comprehensive overview of knowledge regarding this exceptional weight loss system.

Currently there are only two other doctors that also have an extensive knowledge in this procedure with many years of experience. Dr. Scott McEldowney of Plano, Texas, Dr. Wade Davis of Burley Idaho, and Dr. Burrows have worked very hard to perfect this procedure, resulting in an unequaled success rate and a very good reputation. We have spent many years refining and improving this technique, thereby eliminating traumatic mishaps.

It has taken many years to learn all of the various, but distinct patterns that are associated with weight loss and this procedure. The most important of these patterns are known as the "staggering effect" and the "latent effect." Not knowing how to implement these will result in failure to lose weight. Also, intermittently experienced, are distinct identifiable outward signs physically manifested, following the staple insertion that indicates the effectiveness that will be experienced. Knowing these are very helpful.

Due to the high percentage of success produced with this procedure, a recent (last 6-12 months) increase in interest has led other doctors, with no knowledge or experience in this procedure, attempting to perform it. We feel sure that these doctors are very proficient at their designated disciplines and some may even have training in acupuncture. What appears to be misleading is that a patient assumes that a doctor claiming to know this procedure surely must, because they have acupuncture training. This procedure is not taught in any acupuncture or medical school in the U.S. It looks easy so they simply start stapling ears. The feedback our office receives from those that unknowingly underwent this procedure elsewhere, finds that the information they received was grossly incorrect and incomplete.Simply put,I began this procedure and have trained only two other doctors and know without a doubt that no other doctor in Texas or Oklahoma is trained in this procedure.

This word of caution is noted only so that one may be informed of the potential risk involved as these doctors are not aware of what can occur. Most of the instruments being used for this procedure have "jamming" capabilities. When this occurs, the instrument becomes painfully fixed to the ear and won''t release. Although the instruments we use do not jam, we know how to detach one with minimal problems if it were to occur. The correct type of instrument must be used or this WILL definitely occur. Throughout the years we have used every type available and found the correct type.

The majority of those attempting this procedure are using the wrong size staple which will prove ineffective for weight loss. Many staples are the wrong type and are made of incompatable metal which will cause significant problems. The staple must be inserted within 2mm of a very specific site or it will be ineffective. If the staple is not inserted at the correct angle, depth and with the correct tension, then it is highly likely that swelling and infection will occur. Our experience has provided us with knowing exactly to the day when this will occur, if it is going to, and how to avoid it. Our office has removed numerous staples from painfully swollen ears over the last 12 months that have been incorrectly inserted elsewhere. Some patients have been referred from local ER''s to our office for the removal of staples inserted elsewhere. This is a tricky procedure, but safe if done correctly.

In our office, each patient is required to attend a mandatory orientation, where a very detailed and thorough explanation is provided. Discussion includes:

5. How it works, how long it works, and what to do when it

6. The effects with conditions such as hypothyroidism, steroid

and hormonal therapies, diabetes, age, gender, various body

7. Exact and precise forewarning signs indicating the

8. How to remove the staple if necessary

Also discussed and provided is an optional diet plan that may be used in conjunction with the staple if desired. We also designed this unique diet plan producing very effective additional results. The average person will lose 10 to 30 pounds a month when correctly following this diet plan and it is completely independent of the staple weight loss. We have many patients who have had great success when combining this plan with the staple.

Our primary concern is safety first, and secondly, that you are thoroughly informed and that you experience that desired weight loss that seek

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